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TUAW Editors Choice Award for 2013
Best Mac Music App


No Treble Anytune Pro HQ Slow Downer Review


"For any real study and time spent digging into the meat of a tune, I believe that AnyTune is the way to go. "
Damian Erskine, No Treble


Best from Davide Roccato


"Anytune è un’ottima app per rallentare la musica ."
Iren, Davide Roccato


Extremely useful for musical artists


"Boasts a solid set of practice and transcription features."


Anytune is a pearl to App Pearl


"This is an indispensable tool for all musicians"
Iren, App Pearl


Studio Muso says Guitarists Need Anytune

"This is a great tool and highly recommended."


Tutorfair Educational App Award Winner

"Anytune has thought of everything when nit comes to helping musicians."
Leanne, Tutorfair


Top Tools To Become A Riff Master

"The world changed. Anytune - Guitar practice perfected."
Raquel S., tutorful.co.uk


Anytune, a Music Practice App with Detailed Functionality


"If you're looking for an app to help you practice your instrument to music, Anytune is a well-designed and easy-to-use app."
Matt Tinsley, TUAW


Top Rated Incredibly Useful Music Slow-Downer


"Anytune Pro+ is an incredibly useful application for musicians and music students alike. Of all the universal iOS apps designed to slow down audio for music practice, Anytune Pro+ is the current top recommendation on my list."
Mike Riley, iPhone Life


Answer practically all your music learning needs


"Anytune works really well to help you learn any song"
Mark Wenster, Mac NZ


Guitar Apps We Can’t Live Without


"...what plausible excuses to not practice do you have now?"
Zachary W., takelessons.com


Andy is hooked after five minutes

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" Easier, better and much higher quality. It’s really rather addictive! "
Andy Partridge, GuitarCoachMagazine


Kick-Start Your Musical Career


" an amazing app that you can count on to hone your musical skills. "
Cherry, appPicker


The Music App Blog Highlights New Features in Update


"... if you spend a lot of time studying and playing music ... a very worthwhile investment "
John Walden, Music App Blog


Apps Like Anytune


"This wonderful application allows you to work with any kind of audio recordings. It can especially help singers, musicians, and foreign language, teachers!"


AirTurn Features Anytune


"AirTurn features Anytune as a great companion App to their lineup of hands-free controllers that are great for musicians."
Pedals, AirTurn


Free Apps for Me found Anytune


"Any guitarist who has ever tried to repeat a difficult solo will appreciate the usefulness"


iRig BlueBoard App of the Week


"MIDI Remote Control allows Anytune to be controlled by the iRig BlueBoard no hands."
iRig BlueBoard, IK Multimedia


Six String Recess finds gold in Anytune 3.10


"I keep wondering if there's any more goodness they can add to this app. Then a new release comes out and I'm always pleasantly surprised at what's been added."
Alex Vollmer, Six String Recess


Strings Readers Can’t Live Without Anytune

"The Anytune Pro+ ($14.99) iPad app has really helped streamline my practicing"
John Roberts, Strings Magazine