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helps you learn, transcribe or practice songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, setting navigation marks, sharing timed comments and much more
on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

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Apple: Download Anytune FREE on the App Store

Anytune provides Pro sound and great functionality for FREE. You can try Pro features and purchase the capabilities you want through in-app purchases as you need them.

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Apple: Download Anytune Pro+ on the Mac App Store

Download Anytune Pro+ for for professional time stretching and pitch shifting and great features including LiveMix and FineTouch EQ and many more.

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Dale Morris

“My church has a seven piece band and everyone that has an iPad now uses Anytune to learn the weekly songs. It’s made me more accurate with picking out the parts on all of the contemporary gospel that we do. Saves me around 3 or 4 hours per week in practice time.”

Dale Morris, Musician, Station Engineer at WJSU-FM 88.5

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, Anytune will make practicing more fun.

Import Your Music

Play your music in your iTunes Music Library; browse your music collection by song, artist, album, or playlist and simply press play!

Import songs from Emails, Dropbox or from your computer over Wi-Fi. Download directly from the Internet ripping audio out of videos. Record your own performance for deep analysis of your technique.

Import screen on iPhone
Adjust the Tempo or Pitch

Slow it down or Pitch it up

Slow down music without changing the pitch so that you can easily play along with or transcribe your favourite songs. Hear every nuance of the musical performance with amazing audio fidelity down to 0.05X the tempo and up to 2.5X

Adjust the pitch to tune to your instrument or to practice in a different key adjusting the pitch up or down two full octaves by 100ths.

Save Loops and Create Audiomarks

Create multiple Loops and Audiomarks for quick navigation and to add comments. Collaborate virtually with others by sharing song tempo, pitch, and EQ settings, Audiomarks, and Loopmarks via email.

Anytune Marks and Loops

Learn faster, transcribe easier and perform better.

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Lyrics and Sharing

View scrolling lyrics and edit them in Anytune

Share your song settings and lyrics between Anytune on your Mac and your iPad or iPhone using iCloud. Start on your Mac and continue on the go!

Play along with the Band

Feel as though you are playing along with the band. Combine Anytune with an adapter and practice in a live mix of your song and your instrument or voice, all at your own pace and pitch.

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Pinpoint your instrument

Enhance or suppress the sound you want using the FineTouch EQ. Use gestures and parametric filters to more precisely control the sound of your tracks than any old school graphic EQ.

MIDI Input and Remote Control

Take control of Anytune with a MIDI controller such as a foot pedal or a MIDI keyboard. Start or stop playback, toggle looping on or off, navigate marks and a whole lot more!

Anytune’s Remote Control Pack also supports other remote control devices including Bluetooth keyboards, the AirTurn line and the STOMP from Coda.

Works great with Anytune’s PlayNext feature.

BlueBoard Top View STOMP

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