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Anytune FREE is a very capable practice app loaded with great tools. Play songs directly from your iPhone or iPad music library and remember tempo and pitch adjustment for each song. Record yourself, loop tricky sections and display or edit lyrics. And as you improve and grow, Anytune can grow with you via In-App Purchases. Apple: Download Anytune on the App Store
Anytun Pro+ IconAnytune Pro+ comes with brilliant tools a serious musician will need, the highest quality audio while changing pitch and tempo, to unlimited marks and loops, the FineTouch EQ™. Use the ReFrame™ feature isolate or mute vocals or instruments and plug in and play along with LiveMix™ and the interval trainer. Apple: Download Anytune on the App Store
Anytune Mac IconAnytune Mac comes with virtually all the same great features as Anytune Pro+, and includes the full Export functionality as well as MIDI Remote Control right out of the box. Plus, if you own both the iOS and Mac versions of Anytune, you can share your song settings (loops, marks, tempo & pitch) between the two platforms via iCloud or file.Anytune for Mac Icon
FREE Pro+ Mac
Free $15 $35
Core Features Anytun Pro+ Icon Anytune Mac Icon
Visualize Your Song
Change Tempo and Pitch (0.3X to 2.5X)
Audiobus Compatible n/a
Pro Audio Quality n/a
Lyrics Display
Built-In Recording
Transparent iTunes/iPod Import
Playlist Support
Shuffle Songs
Share Audiomarks, Loops and Settings
Background Music Playback
Audiomark Label Display
Import Audio from Videos
Audiomarks 5
Export Tuned Tracks 20s 20s
FREE Pro+ Mac

Anytune In-App Purchases

You can incrementally add the Basic, Pro, Studio and the Import packs to Anytune FREE as you need them.
These capabilities are all included in Anytune Pro+ and Anytune Mac.

Anytune + Basic + Pro + Studio + Import  =  Anytun Pro+ Icon Anytune Pro+

Incremental Packs

Basic Pack $1.99US Anytun Pro+ Icon Anytune Mac Icon
Ads Removed n/a
Custom Skins and Settings n/a
On-Screen Volume Control and Airplay n/a
Pro Pack (requires Basic Pack) $4.99US
Unlimited Audiomarks
Step-It-Up Interval Trainer
Fine Adjust Tempo and Pitch
Music Gain and Pan Control
Delayed Playback Start
Transcribe Mode
Studio Pack (requires Pro Pack) $4.99US
HQ Audio Quality – the best sound
(0.05X to 4.0X tempo)
FineTouchEQ – enhance or suppress specific frequencies
LiveMix – plug in and play along
Play Next – remix your song in real time
ReFrame – solo or mute vocals or instruments
     Requires MacOS 10.10 and iOS 9.3.
FREE Pro+ Mac
Import Pack $2.99US Anytun Pro+ Icon Anytune Mac Icon
Get the Import pack if all your music is not in your music device’s library. Import songs from any other App that supports Open-In. On Mac you can drag songs from iTunes or anywhere into Anytune.
Dropbox Import (from Anytune) n/a
WiFi Import – from a computer on the same LAN n/a
Open-In from other apps including Email n/a
Audiocopy n/a
File app integration
     – manage files from many sources
FREE Pro+ Mac

Add-Ons for Anytune or Anytune Pro+

Add-Ons provide additional optional features. The Export and Remote Control Add-Ons are optional purchases for both Anytune Freemium and Anytune Pro+. These are included with Anytune Mac
Export Add-On $4.99US Anytun Pro+ Icon Anytune Mac Icon
Export allows you to export “Tuned” tracks or loops including tempo, pitch, gain, pan, EQ, ReFrame and ReTune settings to Email, Open-In or even back into Anytune. A teacher can provide 1/2 and 3/4 tempo versions of a song to a student who does not have Anytune.
Remove Audio Watermark
Export Whole Tracks and Loops (M4A/AAC format)
Export Whole Tracks and Loops (AIFF or WAV format)
FREE Pro+ Mac
Remote Control Add-On $4.99US Anytun Pro+ Icon Anytune Mac Icon
Remote Control allows you to control Anytune through MIDI devices and BlueTooth keyboards and other Controllers like the AirTurn / PageFlip. Look mom no hands! AirTurn devices are not supported on Anytune Mac yet.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Configurable AirTurn / PageFlip Support
FREE Pro+ Mac

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