AirTurn Features Anytune



"AirTurn features Anytune as a great companion App to their lineup of hands-free controllers that are great for musicians."
Pedals, AirTurn

iRig BlueBoard App of the Week



"MIDI Remote Control allows Anytune to be controlled by the iRig BlueBoard no hands."
iRig BlueBoard, IK Multimedia

Home Music Production Gives Anytune 9.4/10

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"Anytune 3′s features tower over other slow-downer iOS apps, and are more comparable to desktop software costing much more and lacking the ultra-mobility of the iPad."

Piano Teacher Uses Anytune to Teach Students to Play Piano

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"This app will be invaluable to me as a pianist and a teacher of those who enjoy playing pop music ... This app slows down any tune in your iTunes library"
Leila J Viss, 88 Piano Keys