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Anytune Partners

Anytune is the ultimate music practice app for musicians of all kinds. Artists world wide use Anytune to learn, transcribe, and practice songs by slowing down the tempo, repeating loops, setting navigation marks, sharing timed comments and much much more.

Music Educators

Anytune is proud to be partners with some great complimentary resources for musicians of all kinds, including online music education, backing tracks, artists and traditional music schools.

We are always looking for new opportunities for helping musicians improve and have more fun with music. Please contact us if you think we can work together and improve the lives of musicians.

Music Teachers

Even the best music learning tool is not a substitute for a great music teacher.

Many of Anytune’s features were designed to help the learning process between teacher and students.

Use Anytune to:

  • break down the song into sections to work on one at a time
  • record an accompaniment so the student can play along at different tempos
  • change the pitch of a song to match the tuning of an instrument or range of a student’s voice
  • record a students performance to listen to every nuance and correct mistakes before they are engrained
  • use loops and the Step-It-Up Loop Trainer to practice those really hard parts
  • share timed-comments that are tagged to specific note in student’s performance
  • export several versions of a song at different tempos
  • the list goes on and on, ….

Adding Anytune into the classroom will make learning music more fun and produce happier students.

We are happy to provide Anytune Pro+ FREE to music teachers!

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Volume Purchase Plan for Education

Anytune participates in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program for Education which provides a discount to educational institutions that purchase multiple copies of iOS or Mac apps.

Affiliate Revenue

For information about how to earn affiliate revenue on sales of Anytune or any other iTunes App Store or Mac App Store sales, see our Become an affiliate page.