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Congratulations on receiving a gift of Anytune Mac! …… Someone really likes you

Musical artists worldwide use Anytune to learn to play, transcribe, practice and even perform songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, setting navigation marks, sharing timed comments, and much more.

Follow the steps below to unlock Anytune Mac

Installing Anytune (Mac) Anytune Icon

  1. Click here to download Anytune to your Mac running OS-X 10.8 or later.

  2. Open Anytune-Mac.dmg and drag the Anytune into the Applications folder.
    Drag Anytune into Applications Folder

  3. Run Anytune and register as a user with Email and password.
    • Menu > Anytune Mac > Register…
  4. Follow the instructions in the verification request email to complete the registration.
    • Use the link in the Email or cut and past the supplied verification code into Anytune.
  5. Click on the small gear in the Register view and enter your
license code into the Redeem text box.
Click the View or Redeem Codes...

Once your license code is connected to your account Anytune is enabled. The log-in provides a “session token” that remains active until you explicitly log out. Log in once as long as you own your computer.

Getting Started

Getting Started Video

Please take a few minutes to watch this Getting Started video to help familiarize yourself with the basic features of Anytune Mac.

Anytune Mac Introduction Tutorial

Installation Video

Ready to install Anytune Mac?
This video walks you through the details for installing and registering Anytune Mac.

Anytune Mac Installation Tutorial

Anytune is an evolving feature rich product with the core capabilities intuitively accessible, but there are some advanced features that may not be as obvious. We generally answer email support questions within hours. Anytune’s docuementation has not kept up with the product. We are working to complete online documentation augmented with videos to ensure you get the most out of Anytune.


Additional information and support is available on our website and in Tutorial videos on our YouTube channel, FAQs, the Anytune Forum and Email support.

Additional Info

Anytune enables you to save tempo, pitch, EQ settings, loops, marks and lyrics with your songs. This config information is periodically saved within Anytune’s local iCloud, and can be exported/imported for a single song or your entire collection through atcfg files. This version of Anytune cannot share iCloud files across your iCloud connected devices because iCloud integration is not allowed by apps not sold through the Mac App Store.
Double click on the Uninstall Anytune Demo.command file found in the DMG, and confirm. This will remove the app from your applications directory and will remove any song settings and marks. Songs that were copied into the Anytune Demo directory will also be removed.
Depending upon your security settings, your Mac may not allow you to execute the script on a double click. In order to work around this you will need to “Ctrl-Click -> Open” the Uninstall Anytune Demo.command in the finder. For more information about Gatekeeper and directions on how to do the ctrl-click open, you can look at: