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Please not that the Anytune User Guide is a living document. At any given time it will be in the process of being updated to reflect the latest and greatest version of Anytune

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Save Loops and Create Audiomarks

Create multiple Loops and Audiomarks for quick navigation and to add comments. Collaborate virtually with others by sharing song tempo, pitch, and EQ settings, Audiomarks, and Loopmarks via email.

Anytune Mac Screen Shot - Save Loops and Create Audiomarks
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Small TABs

  • On iPhone –
  • On iPad –
  • On Mac –

Do this action

  • On iPhone – Tap the <
  • button

  • On iPad – Tap the Songs button
  • On Mac – Click the button or use Type ⇧⌘O

Welcome to the Anytune User Guide. Praesent quis tempus nisi. Mauris luctus velit quis pharetra euismod.


Play/Pause: Tap “Play” to begin playback
Tap “Pause” to stop playback (The same button is used for each)

Tasks in table id=ug-task-tab

Find a song: You can browse content in the music library of your device by songs, playlists, artists and albums.

Tap the “Songs” button on the iPad or the on the iPhone/iPod to reveal these categories.
Play a Song: Tap the item to import it. Tap to start playing and to pause. (The same button is used for each)
Use AirPlay: AirPlay appears when there are AirPlay devices on your local network. Tap  and select the device to send audio from Anytune to the AirPlay device.

Modes in table id=ug-cmds-tab
Select a mode to display controls used for a specific task.

Play Basic controls for navigation and adjusting tempo and pitch
LiveMix1 Gain, balance, and LiveMix mixing
Lyrics View lyrics or textual scores.

1 – Some notes.


  1. Select the category.
  2. Tap the song you want to play.
  3. Tap to start playing and to pause.
  1. Select the category.
  2. Tap the song you want to play.
  3. Tap to start playing and to pause.

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