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Anytune Download Links

Do you want to share?

Share marks for all the sections of a song, great loops for jamming, or the perfect EQ setting through your own web page.

Use the

Anytune URL and allow others to download Songs and Config Data directly into Anytune on iOS from your web page.

This is great when you want to share Marks, Loops, EQ settings and more with your friends on the Internet.

Six String Recess and Beat Creature provide config files for the songs in their lessons. Download the song settings file and instantly sync the marks and loops used in the lesson. Sweet!

Create your own links to share you performance complete with marks, loops, EQ settings and more. One link can download and import a song and store the config file in your iCloud to be restored.

Create a URL for your web page by combing Base + Action + Song File and/or Config File:

Base: special anytune URL, works only on iOS anytune-dl://
Action: tells anytune to download (more to come) ?action=download-song
Song File: the full path to the song file
(MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC (.m4a))
Config File: the full path to the Anytune config file (atcfg) &atcfg=

Note: Use “songurl=” if a song is not being downloaded


Download song and config file
Download song
Download config file
Note: Use songurl= for atcfg if an atcfg is the only download.

When hosting files on S3 use Content-Type binary/octet-stream

Live Example:

Download song and config file