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Anytune Mac User Guide

Artists worldwide use Anytune to learn, transcribe, practice and even perform songs by slowing down the tempo, adjusting the pitch, repeating loops, setting navigation marks and sharing timed comments. Plug in and play along with the band using LiveMix, shape the sound with the FineTouch EQ and view lyrics or textual TABs scrolling with the music.

Anytune is a powerful tool with many features (most requested by users). This document describes all of these features and can be used for reference or to help understand all the capabilities of Anytune.

We created Anytune to help you learn and practice (with) your favourite music. We hope you like it.

This guide WILL describe the operation of Anytune on MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro and Mac mini.

   Under development

This is a work in progress. Sorry that it is not here yet. We will be adding sections as they are complete. Check back and provide your comments and suggestions on what you see.

You could have a look at the   Anytune iOS User Guide   ; Anytune Mac has essentially the same features as Anytune Pro+ for your Mac desktop

Please also see our other help resources while we create this user guide:

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Or contact us if your question, we are happy to help.