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Sharing (Syncing) Song Data

Anytune remembers all of your settings for each song. You can return to a song just as you left it. The last tempo, pitch, gain, pan, EQ, and Reframe settings will be used when you open a previously played song. Your annotations including Marks, Loops, Notes and Lyrics are also included in Anytune’s “song data” or configuration.

Tune your songs to your instrument once and play on. Practice your entire set in one looping playlist each song automatically tuned to your instrument, without altering the original song.

Anytune allows you to save your “song data”/config for all or a single song to iCloud or a file. This allows you to share your music settings and annotations across your devices, with your friends, or save as a backup off your device for safe keeping.

Anytune does not save your the song’s audio files to iCloud (it only saves the data).

Data syncing works like a backup and restore. First you backup your song data then you restore the song data to matching songs on your same or different device that has the same song files.

Automatic Backups of the data for all your songs are created when Anytune is quit or backgrounded and saved to the Cloud.

When you restore your settings and marks onto another device the song file must be available to Anytune (either downloaded to the device’s music library or explicitly imported into the target Anytune). Anytune associates the song data with the song file based on song Title, Artist and Album. If you are trying to backup song settings from your iPad and restore then on your iPhone you need to ensure matching songs are available on your iPhone, by syncing both devices to the same iTunes library or importing the song explicitly to Anytune.

Backup Config on iPhone/iPad

Save Config to iCloud

  1. Tap Cloud
  2. Under “Export to iCloud”
    Choose All Song Settings or Current Song Settings
  3. Enter a name in the “Save As:” box
  4. Tap Save
    The backup is saved to Anytune’s Cloud space and available on all your devices.

Great for sharing between you own devices!

Save Config to File (.atcfg)

  1. Tap Share Sharing
  2. Choose Share Song Settings and Marks
  3. Select Current Song or All Songs
  4. Edit the name of the file if desired
  5. Select Email or Open-In
  6. Tap Share via Email / Open-In and send the Email or save the file

Send in Email to a friend or as a backup in your mail box.

Restore Config to iPhone/iPad

When restoring a config file you can view and select from a list, the songs to restore. Each song file will display Imported, Importable or Not Found. If the matching song is Not Found you will need to download the matching song to your music library or import it explicitly into Anytune on the target device before restoring the data.

The song must be physically downloaded on the device and be playable by Anytune. If the song is “Not Found“, open the Music app and Tap the download button.
You can verify it a song is downloaded in Apple’s Settings app > Music > Downloaded Music.

Import a config.atcfg File

When restoring a config file .atcfg you first import the file into Anytune the same way you would import a song file through Open-In (Email) or Dropbox.
The file will be placed in the Anytune Cloud list.

Restore from the Cloud

  1. Tap Cloud
    You will see the list of Backups under the Import from iCloud heading
  2. Tap the desired backup file
  3. Tap Restore All Above – OR – Select the desired song(s) and tap Restore

Settings (like Tempo) and Lyrics will be overwritten by the restored config. Marks will be added leaving current marks that are not in the new config in place and adding new ones. The Mark labels will be overwritten for marks at the same time in the old and new config.

You could have two different configs for the same song!
Perhaps you have a easy TAB and a more difficult TAB for the same song. Export one config with one set of Lyrics named easy, and export a second called advanced. Then restore the one you want to use when you need it.

Sharing with Friends

You can make a config.atcfg file available to a friend, bandmate or student. Share all your settings and annotations.

You have the perfect ReFrame settings to isolate the bass line in the song your band is playing. Share them by Email or by sending them to a shared folder on a cloud sharing service like Dropbox.

If you friend doesn’t have the matching song you can share the song file too. When you share (export) via Email both the original song file and the config.atcfg file is included in your Email.

Tap the add + button in the Tunes view, then choose Lessons for a list of partners who share song configs to match there Video Lessons. Download the song and configs with marks and loops that match the lesson.