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Let’s take a look at the playback view, buttons and sliders that enable you to control your music.

Anytune provides several views, each presenting a set of controls specific for the task you are performing. The Playback view is the starting point and the place you will likely spend most of your time.

Playback View

Buttons Functions

Buttons are used to perform several different operations:

Tap a button to: Example
Execute a command Play – Start playback
Some buttons icons will change indicating their functions has changed – Play to Pause
Toggle a state Loop – Set looping on or off
The buttons icon will light when ON.
Cycle through multiple states Loop Delay – Change from loop delay off, on, or delay the loop length
the buttons icon will change
Open a view or menu Help – Open the help view

Long Press

A Long Press or Tap and Hold on a few buttons will reveal options or settings. Touch and hold the button until the menu appears.

Long Press  
Play to reveal Delayed Play, Fade-In/Out and Transcribe mode options and settings
Loop to toggle between Loop Forever and Loop Once

Step-It-Up Trainer to adjust loop trainer setings
Balance/Pan to set Balance, Balance(Mono) or Pan

Buttons and menu items will glow blue when activated or selected.

Scroll Slider

You can drag the slider or give it a spin. Touch the slider then drag your finger for fine precision adjustments. Touch and flick the slider to spin the slider and make a large adjustment. The value is displayed on the slider. Tap buttons on either side of the slider to step up or down in increments.
Scroll Slider
Reset a slider value: Double tap the middle of the slider to toggle between default and previously set value.

This scroll slider control is used to set variables throughout the App.


Select a mode to display controls and views used for a specific task.

Tap  to reveal the Mode selector. Tap the desired mode button to change the mode. The current mode is displayed in the button.

Play Basic controls for navigation and adjusting tempo and pitch
Loop Create and adjust loops
LiveMix Gain, balance, and LiveMix mixing
EQ FineTouch EQ controls for pinpointing your instrument
Audiomarks Manage and navigate to Audio and Loopmarks/td>
Lyrics View lyrics or textual scores.
Tap the desired mode on the mode selector bar to change modes

Play Basic controls for navigation and adjusting tempo and pitch
EQ FineTouch EQ controls for pinpointing your instrument
Lyrics View lyrics or textual scores.

Reveal and hide additional controls:

Loop Create and adjust loops
LiveMix Gain, balance, and LiveMix mixing

Toggle between the Tunes View and Marks View using the selector at the top of the Songs View.

Open the Marks View by selecting the Marks category in the Songs View to manage and navigate to Audio and Loopmarks

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar at the top of the Playback View displays the Song Info and the following buttons:
Artist Current Playlist Name
Song Title count of total songs in list
Album Title ## BPM
On iPhone Tap (top right) to reveal the navigation menu items and tap to hide them.
Help Find out What’s New, Enable Help Bubbles, access documentation and videos, contact Anytune support, tell your friends about Anytune
Settings Access settings menu to change customizable values
Share Share original and
songs, settings and Audiomarks via Email, Open-In, SMS, Twitter and Facebook
Store Browse the Store to make or restore in-app purchases
iCloud Import and export Anytune’s Config (Settings and Meta Data) via iCloud

Also included in the navigation bar on the iPad

Shuffle Toggle to play songs in the current list in random order. Tap again to toggle shuffle off.

Shuffle button is at the bottom, right of the volume slider on iPhone.