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We are happy to help. If you have a problem, question or suggestion for Anytune please contact us!

You can reach us in the following ways:

In-App support email link

Anytune Support Forums

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We can provide a better answer if we have more information.
Please include the device (iPad, iPhone, Mac), OS version and the version of Anytune you are using to help us answer your question more quickly. Tell us what you did, what you saw and what you expected.

If Anytune crashes we would very much appreciate it if you could send a copy of the crash log from your device. This will allow us to debug the issue and fix it in a future update. You can retrieve crash reports from your device and send them to us you via email by following these instructions:

On iPhone/iPad

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Go to Privacy, then Diagnostics & Usage
  3. Select Diagnostics & Usage Data
  4. Locate the log for the crashed app. The logs will be named in the format: Anytune……_DateTime_DeviceName
  5. Select the desired log. Then, using the text selection UI select the entire text of the log.
    Double Tap and Drag from the start of the log and hold near the bottom of the screen until the entire log is selected.
  6. Once the text is selected, tap Share and choose Mail.
  7. Send the Email to

Sometimes an app will be killed by the system and a crash report will not be generated.