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Project Description

Tutorfair is a website where you can find and book a local tutor. Anytune was included in Tutorfair’s Amazing Educational Apps and Learning Tools list as an award winner for Educational Apps and Tools for Music.

We are happy the great music teachers at Tutorfair are using Anytune and gave us this award.

We agree Anyune is a great way to engage students and make learning more enjoyable.
Teachers can capture and share timed-comments that are tagged to a specific note in student’s performance, and much more including:

  • break down the song into sections to work on one at a time
  • record an accompaniment so the student can play along at different tempos
  • change the pitch of a song to match the tuning of an instrument or range of a student’s voice
  • record a student’s performance to listen to every nuance and correct mistakes before they are ingrained
  • use loops and the Step-It-Up Loop Trainer to practice those really hard parts really slow and really fast
  • export several versions of a song at different tempos
  • the list goes on and on, ….

Anytune is a valuable tool for helping musicians maximise the value of their rehearsal time, allowing them to start their practise slower before building up. Get comfortable with notes as you practise by learning at your pace and adjusting the tempo without impacting pitch. … Anytune has thought of everything when it comes to helping musicians make the most of their training time.

Tutorfair was founded with a simple idea and a promise. We offer an easy way to find the best tutors, while giving free tutoring to students who need it most.

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