The Music App Blog Highlights New Features in Update 2017-06-09T16:02:29+00:00

Project Description

The Music App Blog highlights some of the new features in the Anytune 3.12 (for iOS) and Anytune 1.3 (for Mac). These include short cuts for +/- the gain, gesture options for moving through lyrics, ‘quick’ options for setting tempo and pitch, Song Info on MacOS, iPhone 6 support and a number of additional enhacements, fixes and tweaks.

For those looking to build their instrument skills – whether guitarists, drummer, keyboard players, singers or saxophonists – the ability to slow down tutorial exercises (perhaps a drum loop or a guitar riff) is an invaluable practice tool. Equally, if you play in a ‘covers’ band or just want to work out the chords or riffs in the latest chart hit, slowing down the track and looping the key sections, provides a way to dig into what is being played and pick out the individual notes.

Checkout Music App Blog‘s piece for yourself.