Studio Muso says Guitarists Need Anytune 2018-04-20T09:12:36+00:00

Project Description

Studio Muso provide music lessons from Brighton based pro musicians. These guys are hard core and they included Anytune on their list of Anytune the 6 Most Useful Apps for Guitarists! Sweet.

This app slows down the track as well as changing the key. But that is only the start. You can loop sections (with the help of an audio wave image), organize your playlists, and even import audio from video. The free download comes with the slowdown, pitch adjustments, loop features and lyrics display. This is a great tool and highly recommended, even just for the basic download version.

Checkout the Studio Muso experience. They include regular recording sessions and extensive online exclusive content. Your teachers are professional musicians who are also playing for a living. You can record a professional demo of your drumming or guitar playing. There is tonnes of exclusive video content. Wow!

If you are anywhere close to Brighton and looking for a mentor, checkout Studio Muso.

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