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Project Description

Andy Partridge is a guitar coach and instructor at Guitar Coach Magazine. When he got a hold of Anytune Pro+ and he loved it so much he started using it in his lessons. Checkout his video lesson/review using Anytune to learn Sweet Home Alabama. You can download the Guitar Coach Magazine for FREE.. The magazine is packed with great video tutorials covering classic guitar songs, great guitar riffs, and cool guitar techniques, plus articles, features, news and reviews.

Checkout the intro video below and then go to full story in Guitar Coach Magazine – Anytune App Review to see four more videos each tackling a separate riff in the classic Sweet Home Alabama.

After just five minutes of using this app, I’m hooked, I absolutely love it. … It allows you to learn songs easier and quicker. … You can literally hear every note, hammer on and bend in detail. When I slowed it down there are a few little nuances and few little tricks and one little note that I played slightly wrong. This enables you to get it absolutely right.

Checkout the full review for yourself in Guitar Coach Magazine.