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Project Description

Ok, the practice is over. You have recorded your demo and you are ready to let the world have a listen.

Check it out now!

What if you could have Elton John’s or Led Zepplin’s producer give you advice?
Now you can!

Check it out now!
Stuart Epps has toured America with Elton John, produced and engineered records for Led Zeppelin , Elton John, Bill Wyman, Paul Rodgers, and many more. He is a respected engineer, music producer and independent A&R professional with decades of experience working with the best musicians at the top of the industry.

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Stuart Epps at Wheelers End
Stuart founded Epps Music Productions to provide the next generation of artists, performers, song-writers and musicians, with the tools to build their careers and to help them establish their name in an ever more competitive music industry.

He also works with artists around the world sharing audio files and providing advice.

Check out Stuart’s personal message Epps Music Productions - Remote Production Advice about his new remote music producing service helping unsigned artists turn their home recordings into professionally remixed masters ready for the world. Stuart provides advice on production, promotion and will critique and even remix your demo. When your song is ready, take advantage of the full services and industry contacts of Epps Music Productions to bring your music to the world.

Stuart Eps with Jimmy Page, Elton John and Paul Rodgers

Oh yeah, Stuart is also a big fan of Anytune! He offers all his clients a free copy of Anytune.

This is a great opportunity for unsigned acts to get accessable feedback from a proven professional with extensive music production experience and industry knowledge. Check it out now.

If you decide to sign up, please let us know how it goes.