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Project Description

Anytune was included in Product Reviews‘ “Best new iPhone music apps in July 2011.
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Anytune Pro – Slow Down Your Music is an iOS Universal app available for £4.99 on AppShopper. This app lets you try limited Audiomarks and Loopmarks, or purchase Anytune Pro for unlimited marks much like Anytune this app allows you to set marks at precise times in your tracks with “Audiomarks” and “Loopmarks”. Use marks to easily return to a specific point or replay a difficult passage as a loop. You can also add text to marks for reminders to yourself, share ideas with band members, or give feedback to a student. Anytune Pro has a new and improved user interface with adjust playback speed, (0.5X to 2.5X) with or without affecting pitch. This is an ideal app for musicians to collaborate and help you learn to play those tricky parts.