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Project Description

Wade M. Richard at Time for Music shared his impressions of Anytune with his students.

I had to take a moment to share this amazing application I have been using in some of my sessions with all of you! I started out with a free version of Anytune for my iPad and quickly upgraded to Anytune HQ. With this app, you can take most any song in your iTunes library and slow it down without changing the pitch of the vocals/song. You can also loop a specific section of the song in order to practice it or listen to it over and over. Several of my students who play guitar also have an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. I help them download the free version of Anytune, and teach them how to use it. Then they are able to play along with the songs were are working on in their lesson at home at a playable speed. Some of my students come back the next week and can play their song at the recorded speed! If a particular key is too hard to play in, there is a feature to raise or lower the key of the song. It’s so cool! The basic controls are easy to navigate and learn how to use. There are so many other applications for this musical tool: adjusting all your music for costumized gait training activities, teaching tempo and pitch through song examples, slowing down songs or accompaniment while adding new rhythms taught on drums or percussion, etc.

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