Anytune Pro HQ Music Slow Downer Receives 10 Stars in Brazil 2017-06-09T16:02:36+00:00

Project Description

MeuiPad (My iPad) from Brazil gives a ten star rating for the Anytune Pro HQ “slow downer” app saying Anytune is simply amazing.

Translation (Google Translate) of MeuiPad’s review of Anytune Pro HQ Music Slow Downer

Anytune Pro HQ is an app for iPhone® created by Anystone that will teach you to play any song by making it slower, allowing you to learn to play note for note.

The Anytune is simply amazing, it slows down the music without changing the pitch allowing you to copy the notes you play music easily. You can even create a loop and automatically repeat it to progressively increase the speed until you can play the song perfectly.

You can import any music from your iPhone to Anytune. Here you can define the section of the song you’re trying to learn to play and put it in a loop. You can still add a delay between each loop to take some time to readjust to the beginning of the loop. Speed, pitch and several other options are available for each loop.

Another cool feature is the LiveMix that allows you to play instruments right into the app using an adapter such as IRIG. Just plug in your guitar and use the iPad Anytune to play along with music. For more advanced players, there are even detailed equalization control of the song

Final Review: With Anytune Pro HQ you can learn to play any song. It reduces the speed of the music and lets you play with every piece of music in an easy and simple way. A very complete app for the players on duty.

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