How do I transfer (restore) my song data to a NEW device?

So you have a shiny new device and you want to move all your songs and settings to it.

Apple has process to “Transfer content from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to a new device

Basically you will:

  1. Update Anytune to the latest version
  2. Backup your old device to iCloud or iTunes (make sure to transfer purchases including Anytune)
  3. Set up your new device – restoring from your backup (when asked)
  4. Sync your new device to iTunes (including all songs used in Anytune)
  5. Start Anytune

The backup/restore process will move all your Anytune settings and all of the songs imported from sources other than iTunes (i.e. Dropbox, WIFI, and Open-In) to the new device.

Note: Anytune will re-import songs from iTunes, so these songs must be on the new device before starting Anytune.
Sync your new device with all the music you had on your old device before starting Anytune on your new device.

Anytune does not save songs that are available in your device’s music library. This avoids duplicating the song and taking up more space on your device.

The restore process will use the version of Anytune that is in iTunes on your computer. If this version is older than the version on the new device it could cause problems.

Please update the version of Anytune before backing up to iTunes, or update Anytune after the restore, but before launching it for the first time after the restore.

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