How do I play Podcasts?

You can use Anytune for listening to podcasts at just the right speed.

Apple does not consider podcasts music files. They are not visible in the Music app or in Anytune’s categories by default, but there is a work-around.

Add the podcast to a Playlist and sync it to your device.

  1. Open iTunes, Select Music / Playlists,
  2. Create a “Podcasts” playlist,
  3. Select Podcasts / My Podcasts,
  4. Hover over the podcast and click on the grey circle with three dots button that appears.
  5. Click Add To and choose the playlist you just created.

Anytune can see the podcasts in a playlist. With your device connected to iTunes:

  1. In iTunes. Select your device,
  2. Click Settings / Podcasts and make sure you are syncing your podcasts and the new playlist to your device,
  3. Sync your device.

On your device:

  1. Start Anytune,
  2. Go to Playlists and find your podcast playlist,
  3. Tap the podcast and Play .

It is not ideal but it will allow you to listen to podcasts with Anytune.

You could also find the podcast file on your computer and use one of Anytune’s other import methods to add the podcast file directly into Anytune.

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