iOS 10 – Cannot Access you Music Library

iOS 10 requires you to explicitly Allow Anytune Access to your device’s Music Library

Anytune 3.13.6 will always alert you when access permission is required for the Media Library or to the Microphone, and provide an option to open the system Settings app to allow access.

Apple has made a change in iOS 10 that requires the user to explicitly allow access to your Media (Music) Library before Anytune can access your songs. Anytune may show empty lists for iTunes Songs, Playlists, Artists and albums until access is allowed.

When you see the alert: “Anytune” Would Like to Access Apple Music And Your Media Library

Media Library Access Alert

  1. Tap OK to allow Anytune access to your device’s music library.

You will only see this system generated alert once.

    If you miss it or tap “Don’t Allow”, you can also Allow Access in the Settings app:

  1. Go to the Apple Settings app iOS Settings App
  2. Scroll down and Tap the Anytune App
  3. Enable Media Library toggle
  4. Enable the Microphone while you are here

Anytune Access Settings

Note: If access was already granted toggle it off and back on again, AND Restart Anytune

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