My songs are failing to import or will not play

Anytune plays MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC (.m4a) and Apple Lossless music files. Anytune will also extract the audio from most videos files. Anytune cannot play DRM protected files.

When a song in your device’s music library fails to import or will not play there are a few possibilites:

1. Apple Music

Apple Music songs are DRM encumbered “copy protected” and cannot be played by Anytune.

We would like to play Apple Music in Anytune, but Apple has not made Apple Music streamed songs or songs saved for offline playback accessible to app developers. If you want to play your Apple Music Songs in Anytune Tell Apple Now!

See the Apple Music FAQ for more information about using Anytune with Apple Music.

If you are using Apple Music and a song you own is not playable in Anytune you may need to disable the iCloud Music Library and re-sync your device with iTunes, to retrieve the non protected version of the file. See Apple Music FAQ.

2. iCloud Music Library (Apple Music / iMatch)

The song may not be on your device. If you are using iCloud Music Library the songs may be visible in searches but are really not downloaded to your device. The song must be on the device for Anytune to be able to play them.

  1. Go into the Music app
  2. Play the song that will not play in Anytune
  3. If a “Download from Cloud” button appears, tap it

To hide music from Anytue searches that has not been not downloaded into the device’s music library disable:

Show All iTunes Music Enable to show music that is in the iCloud but not available to Anytune

3. DRM Protected

The songs are DRM protected.

Anytune cannot play DRM protected files. (Apple does not permit us access to these files). Older iTunes purchases may be DRM encumbered. Current purchases from iTunes are DRM free.

  1. Open iTunes and select the song
  2. “Get Info” with Menu / File / Get Info, Command (⌘)-I, or Right-Click / Get Info
  3. On the “Summary” tab, it will show you the “Kind” of file.
    Older iTunes purchases will show: “Protected AAC audio File” and will not play in Anytune.
    “Purchased AAC Audio File” are OK.

Here are some ways you can convert protected files to unprotected files.

4. Still not working

Please try:

  • re-sync your device to iTunes
  • powering your device off and then on again (press and hold the power button, then slide to power off)
  • unsync all the songs from your device
    1. in iTunes remove all the tracks or playlists so they won’t be copied to your device
    2. sync so that they are removed
    3. enable them for sync again
    4. re-sync your device in iTumes
If you are still having problems importing songs please send us an email including:

  • how the song was imported (iTunes Synch, Open-In, Dropbox, WiFi)
  • a screen shot of the error message (press Home and Power button together)
  • the song file that cannot play, if possible

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