How do I delete a song?

To delete a song from Anytune:

  1. Go to the “All Tunes” song list. (all the songs imported into Anytune)
  2. Swipe left on the song, and tap the “Delete” button.
    Tap the “Edit” button, select the songs to delete by tapping them in the list, and tap the Trash button.

Your Music Library

Anytune provides direct access to the songs in your device’s music library through the Songs, Artists, Albums and Playlists categories. You cannot delete the songs in your library from within Anytune. When you play a song from your library it is Imported into Anytune.

Deleting a song that was imported from your device’s music library removes the imported copy from Anytune and all the marks and settings associated with that song, but does NOT remove the original in your library.

Imported Songs

Songs can also be imported into Anytune through Record, Email, Open-In. Dropbox, or WiFi. These songs are not added to your devices music library.

Deleting explicitly imported songs will remove the song and the marks and settings associatd with the song. These songs will be lost forever unless you have another copy outside of Anytune.

Anytune Playlists

When you delete a song from a Anytune playlist the song is removed from the playlist but not from Anytune.

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