How do I play songs in my devices music library (synced from iTunes)?

Anytune integrates seamlessly with iTunes. You can browse content in the music library of your device by categories including:
Songs, Albums, Artists, and Playlists
Select a song and tap Play.

When you play a song from your device’s music library (iTunes) for the first time the song is imported into Anytune.

Sync your tunes first
If the categories are empty it could be that you have not sync’d your songs from iTunes to your device.
Check out Apple’s help for Sync your iPhone, iPad and iPod with iTunes.

If you can see the song in the Music app on your device you should be able to see in in Anytune.

You can also import songs directly into Anytune through email, Dropbox, from another app, or over Wi-Fi from the browser of a computer on the same LAN.

If you tap the song and it does not play:
See the My songs are failing to import FAQ

Go to FAQ

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