How do I make my microphone/instrument work? (Recording/LiveMix)

Anytune uses your devices input for LiveMix or Recording.

If LiveMix is enabled and you are still not hearing your instrument/voice, or
you are trying to record and nothing is saved you may have accidentally removed Anytune’s access to the microphone.

iOS 7 introduced new security and privacy features and restrictions including requiring explicit permission for each app to access the microphone. Permission is usually granted via an alert dialog in the app the first time the app would like to access the microphone. However, if one taps “Don’t Allow”, the system won’t ask again — ever, until you adjust your privacy settings

  1. Exit Anytune by pressing the Home button
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Tap Privacy
  4. Find Anytune in the list and enable the toggle by Tapping it

LiveMix and recordings shoul work now. You may need to quit and restart Anytune.

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