How do I export/save a tempo or pitch adjusted (“tuned”) song?

For iPhone or iPad”:

In order to export an entire

“Tuned” track or loop you will need to purchase the export option from the Anytune in app store. The export feature is an additional purchase option in both Anytune and Anytune Pro+.

Without the Export Tuned Tracks Add-On your export will be limited to export the first 20 seconds of the Tuned song.

See the the full list of Anytune features and products here.

The export option is a one time purchase for the iOS versions. You do not need to purchase it per song. Once the functionality is unlocked, it is yours to use as you like. It is also transferable to any of your iOS devices (using the same Apple iD) by using the “Restore Purchases” option in the in-app Anytune store.


“Tuned” tracks is a standard feature included with Anytune for Mac.

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