How do import songs from a Web Site – YouTube?

Apple requires apps to enforce third party terms of service including YouTube’s 5. Your Use of Content which

prohibits downloading of content.

Anytune’s Download capability was removed as part of the release of Anytune 3.10.2 to comply to these requirements and to continue to provide Anytune to our users.

Sorry for any inconvenience. We really liked having YouTube as a download option too, and are disappointed that we were forced to remove it.

There may be iOS, MacOS and Windows applications that continue to offer this service. Some of these did allow you to Open-In the dowloaded files in other Applications including Anytune and Dropbox. However, most have been, or are likely to be, removed from Apple’s stores.

There are some Browser plugins that will allow you to download video files which could them be imported to Anytune. Example:

Just search “video download” in the App Store or your browser for the latest still available.

See the Forum post for more info.

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