Does Anytune play Apple Music songs?

Apple Music songs are DRM encumbered “copy protected” and cannot be played by Anytune.

We would like to play Apple Music in Anytune, but Apple has not made Apple Music streamed songs or songs saved for offline playback accessible to app developers. If you want to play your Apple Music Songs in Anytune Tell Apple Now!

Tell Apple to allow Anytune access to Apple Music. We need your help to bring apple Music to Anytune.

  1. Go to make a suggestion for all the products you own.
  2. Tell Apple you would like to play Apple Music on Anytune. If we send a loud message Apple can make it happen.

Here are some ideas for your feedback: (pick one or better yet write your own)


  • Please give Anytune Access to songs in Apple Music
  • I cannot play Apple Music with Anytune – Help!
  • How can I play Apple Music with Anytune?


  • I use Anytune everyday to become a better musician. I need to play Apple Music Songs with Anytune. Please allow Anytune to Play Apple Music Songs.
  • Apple Music is great but I cannot Play Apple Music songs on my favourite app Anytune. This is not good. Please fix.
  • I really need to be able to play Apple Music on Anytune to help me with learning and practicing. Can you help?

We hope that Apple will provide a method to enable Anytune to play these songs, but we do not know when. Apple has not provided a commitment or forecast. We will add the ability to play Apple Music songs as soon as we can.

Here is our developer case:

Using the iCloud Music Library may cause songs on your device to be overwritten with DRM versions making them unplayable on Anytune, even songs that you own and were previously playable.

If you are using Apple Music and a song you own is not playable in Anytune you may need to disable the iCloud Music Library and re-sync your device with iTunes, to retrieve the non protected version of the file.

Computer: iTunes > Preferences > General > iCloud Music Library = [uncheck]

Device: Settings > Music > iCloud Music Library = [ switch off]

    Apple’s iCloud Music Library is intended to make your music accessible everywhere. When apple looks at songs on your iOS device it tries to identify them by their meta data. If they don’t match exactly it will assume that you do not own the song and overwrite it with a DRM encumbered version that cannot be played by Anytune. Read more gory details.

Apple Music songs saved for offline playback may be visible in Anytune but will not be playable. Anytune cannot tell if they are DRM encumbered until we try to import them.

iTunes Match uploaded songs are still playable as iTunes Match downloads are DRM free.

We have raised this issue with Apple and hope that Apple Music songs will be available to Anytune in the future.

See Apple Music and iCloud Music Library Forum discussion for more information.

    1. Tap System Settings from the Home screen.
    2. Choose Music
    3. Disable iCloud Music Library

    After disabling iCloud Music Library you may need to re-sync your device to iTunes and reboot your device before being able to play your songs again.

    Disable iCloud Library on iPhone

    Disable iCloud Music on Mac

    1. Click iTunes / Preferences
    2. Choose General
    3. Uncheck iCloud Music Library
    Disable iCloud Music on Mac

Anytune plays MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC (.m4a) and Apple Lossless music files. Anytune will also extract the audio from most videos files. Anytune cannot play DRM protected files.

Also see My songs are failing to import or will not play

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