Does Anytune work with the AirTurn PED?

Yes. You can purchase Anytune’s Remote Control Add-On and use the New AirTurn PED to control Anytune or Anytune Pro+ on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Note: Anytune Mac is not compatible with AirTurn devices, yet.

See AirTurn Features Anytune video for some things you could do. Keep in mind the AirTurn PED only has two pedals.

Note:The AirTurn PED only works with BlueTooth SMART READY devices.

AirTurn remote control devices send signals (key presses like PgUp/PgDn) to your connected device and Anytune when a pedal is pressed. See AirTurn PED User Manual for all the details. Anytune allows you to map these signals to virtually any Anytune command.

The AirTurn PED supports six modes. Each mode sends different signals for each pedal. The PED is shipped in Mode 2. Set the Anytune Remote Control Profile to match your PED’s mode in Anytune’s:

Settings / Remote Control:

PED Mode Anytune Remote Control Profile
MODE 2: (Up/Down Arrow) Up/Down Arrow
MODE 3: (Left/Right Arrow) Left/Right Arrow

then choose the commands you would like each pedal to initiate in Anytune’s:

Settings / Remote Control / Remote Control Port Settings:

Port 1 Left pedal command
Port 2 Right pedal command
Port 3/4 Not used with PED

Note: AirTurn Profile 2 and AirTurn Profile 3 in Anytune do not apply to the PED. These profiles match the modes for the BT-105 Transceiver Product Family including the DIGIT and ATFS-2. See the AirTurn BT-105 USer Manual for details.

Note: If your PED has been paired in Mode 1 you will need to repair in mode 2 or 3.

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