Adding lyrics to a song

There are two ways to add lyrics to a song’s meta data in Anytune.

The first is to add them to the song itself in iTunes. Anytune will use the lyrics saved with the song file by default.

  1. Select the song in iTunes on your Mac or PC
  2. Choose “Get Info”
  3. Find the lyrics tab, and copy and paste the lyrics into the song.
  4. Sync your device with iTunes.

If the song has been previously imported into Anytune you may need to force Anytune to re-read the lyrics that were previously sync’d from iTunes.

  1. Select the lyrics mode
  2. Select “Edit”
  3. Tap the reload button .
    The lyrics should appear.

Note: iTunes sometimes does not sync the lyrics right away, depending upon the song file type. Updating the album artwork can often force it to sync if you’re having trouble.

The second way is add the lyrics into Anytune’s meta data.

  1. Select the lyrics mode
  2. Select “Edit”
    You may see a “Text Found” dialogue which will allow you to replace the current lyrics with the text in your cut-paste buffer.
  3. Tap the lyrics view to reveal the keyboard and start adding lyrics.
    You can paste text into the lyrics view.

You can always go back to the lyrics stored with the song through iTunes by tapping the reload button , but you will loose the lyrics you have added manually.

Have a look at the Auto Scrolling Song Lyrics and Guitar Tabs

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