Steve Gordon – Guitarist

Steve Gordon lives in the U.K., has been playing guitar for over 40 years and is still going strong. Steve was originally going to buy a trumpet but he couldn’t afford one so he bought a guitar instead.

TheDiamondsLucky for The Diamonds, a band he joined in the sixties that started as a skiffle group. Steve remembers the Diamonds appearing with and backing many big sixites stars including the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. They have had several TV appearances and played at some very cool venues including Wembley Stadium, the Cavern Club Liverpool and Royal Albert Hall.

His influences include Hank Marvin, Dave Goldberg Richie Blackmore, Eric Clapton, Big Jim Sullivan, James Brown, P J Proby, and Elvis.

SteveGordonimageManInBlackSteve has a had an envied career playing guitar for Dusty Springfield, Dell Shannon, Bobby Vee, Big Dee Irvin and P J Proby. He has also jammed with greats such as Richie Blackmore and Jimmy Hendrix and his old friend of many years Nashville Guitarist Ray Flacke, with whom he regularly does battle via Googletalk.

He has had a chance to use a lot of equipment over the years including Blackstar Amplification, Marshall, Music Man, Mesa Boogie MK1, Fender, Rivera Sedona amps. He even had custom amps from Vox-Jennings Musical Instruments and a custom guitar from Patrick Eggle Guitars.

His latest acquisitions include a PRS Johnny Highland Guitar, Fender Strat Powered by Roland and a Roland GR-55 Guitar Synth. Nothing has excited Steve more than the prospect of exploring the GR-55.

Steve took some time off from playing professionally to concentrate on his family and to help other young musicians.

“There is always a price to pay when dedicating ones life to music and I would like to thank my wife Maureen and my daughters Samantha and Kerry for putting up with it.”

He found Anytune and added it to his practice routine.

“Anytune is the best practice and slowdown program I have used. Not only can you slow a tune down but you can also change the key. One of the most important things is that you can have it in your pocket and listen over and over again to a piece that your are trying to learn whilst driving or jogging or on your bike. Its a MUST for any SERIOUS up an coming guitar player or musician.”

Steve has always loved being on stage and entertaining the crowds.
The The Diamonds headlined the Rox Music Festival on the Saturday night by putting on the ‘Rockin the Ages Show’.

Steve recently lost a great friend Big Jim Sullivan. He and Jim who were united on a new project creating a new band. Big Jim will be missed.

“My most memorable times, guitar wise, are the endless, many many hours, I spent chatting with my friend Big Jim Sullivan. I savoured every minute. We spoke endlessly about music and in particular guitars and everything associated with them. I owe him so much.”

Steve Gordon’s life has been about music. He has played with some great friends, taught many young musicians and entertained thousands of people for decades.

All of us at Anytune wish Steve continued success on all his current and future projects. Don’t stop Steve!

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