Phil Rushworth – Bass Guitar

Phil is originally from Saint John, New Brunswick where he started playing piano and picked up the bass guitar in junior high. He co-founded Soundcheck Rehearsal Studios in Ottawa, Canada to offer musicians a comfortable and pleasant environment to practice, create new music, or just jam with fellow musician. Phil is now looking forward to getting back to creating and playing music again.

Anytune caught up with Phil at Soundcheck to show him the latest version of Anytune and feature him on the first video instalment of Anytune’s Featured Artist Spotlight.

Check out the video and get a new appreciation of Geddy Lee watching Phil use Anytune to help learn a few seconds of YYZ.

What does music mean to you?
Music gives me everything from an emotional outlet, a way to practice discipline and build skills and a means of expression. I play bass, piano, guitar and I try to sing. Making sound is a beautiful thing, but interestingly, music is even more about listening than about making sound. That’s an important thing for me to remember and take into other aspects of life.
Jaco Pastorius, Pat Metheny, Tool, Foo Fighters, Ryan P. Long
What challenges do you face related to music?
Finding time to practice at the moment. When I do have time, my biggest challenge is practicing what I really need to practice. There are so many fun things to play.
Does Anytune help?
Anytune can help make some of the necessary practice material more fun by bringing success and progress more rapidly.
Phil Rushworth's Tool's for 'Me Time'
Phil Rushworth’s Tools for ‘Me Time’
What projects are you working on now?
  1. Soundcheck Rehearsal Studios– Chris Lepage and myself built this out of frustration for lack of quality space in Ottawa. We wanted to raise the bar and I think we did.
  2. Soundcheck CD Duplication– We have also started a CD duplication business so that independant musicians can get small or large numbers of CDs created to sell at their shows or online.
  3. Playing Music – I am very much looking forward to getting directly involved with creating and playing music again. I should have some free time soon, so I will be looking for a band or writing some music. I’ll be using Anytune to take my technique to the next level.

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