Switch on Anytune 3.8 and watch music flow into your iPhone or iPad

[prMac.com] Ottawa, Ontario
Anytune is proud to announce the release of Anytune 3.8, the ultimate music practice iOS app for musicians of all kinds. With Anytune’s new ‘download import’ feature, getting new music into Anytune has become even more convenient. Musicians who want to learn their favorite songs but don’t have an mp3 copy handy on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can now easily download music from popular free media sharing sites.

“This is a great way to add free music to your iPhone or iPad. Then you can use the other great features of our music slow downer app to learn to play all your favorite tracks by ear.” relayed CTO Sean Kormilo. “Download tracks directly to your iPad or iPhone from your favourite free video or audio file websites and you’ll be playing along in no time.”

With little more than a few taps on a screen, vast and diverse discographies are available to acquire and study. With features comparable to desktop slow downers costing much more, it’s no wonder Anytune Pro+ has an average rating of 5 stars across 600 ratings in the Apple App Store. As Facebook fan Ed Matthews put it “Great news for an already great product!”

Anytune’s download import is included in Anytune’s free feature set, giving all Anytune users the ability to collect their favourite songs from all over the Internet. The ‘download import’ feature is added to an already rich set of music sharing options including; Audiobus, Dropbox, Wi-Fi, through Email, to and from other apps with Open-in, and the in-app record function. Combined all of these options make Anytune the most connected practice app in the App Store.

Transcribing has also got a lot easier and more fun with the introduction of Anytune’s new transcribe mode. “Transcribe Mode” simplifies transcription work flow by changing play-pause to pause-repeat, allowing a track to be traversed and repeated phrase by phrase more easily and in a more natural way for transcribers.

Tony Wacheski CEO says, “This update adds several exciting new features to Anytune that our users have asked for. The Anytune user community continues to provide us amazing new ways to make Anytune even better.”

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