Top Reviewers Name Anytune Best iPhone and iPad App to Slow Down Music

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Anytune(TM), the ultimate music practice iOS app for musicians of all kinds has received rave reviews in the period following the launch of Anytune 3. Musicians, dancers and singers worldwide use Anytune to slow down music, choose the perfect pitch and learn to play by ear. The first app to offer features normally found on expensive desktop software, Anytune is consistently ranked as the highest-rated music practice app on the Apple App Store.

Damian Erskine, bass player and writer for No Treble was amongst the first to review Anytune 3. “The app’s ‘LiveMix’ might be the coolest thing ever. If you use an iRig, iRiffPort or any kind of interface to play your instrument into your iOS device with headphones on, then you can use this to play along with the track.” He ultimately concluded that “Anytune HQ 3 is now my all-time favorite slow-downer for iOS devices. The company spent six months redesigning the app and have integrated many new features users had requested. Job well done!”

AppAdvice Musician’s Corner reviewer Lory Gil found that Anytune Pro HQ was great for learning cover songs. “After spending the past three weeks getting ready to record a new album with my band, I’m so happy to have found out about this ‘slow downer’ app. It was pivotal in helping us learn the notes to some of the more complicated solos for the cover songs on our set list.”

“So what sets Anytune 3 apart from the competition? Features and sound quality. Anytune’s features tower over other slow downer iOS apps, and are more comparable to desktop software costing much more and lacking the ultra-mobility of the iPad.” wrote Stephan Earl of Home Music Production. Stephan also took the time to record an excellent video review of Anytune in action.

IPhone Life Blogger Mike Riley wrote “Looking for a variable audio playback program that will help you learn a challenging guitar solo or complicated keyboard harmony? AnyTune Pro HQ has come to the rescue. Going far beyond other trainers bundled in guitar or vocalist apps, AnyTune Pro HQ is strictly dedicated to flawless audio speed manipulation and instrument training.” He concludes that “Of all the universal iOS apps designed to slow down audio for music practice, AnyTune Pro HQ is the current top recommendation on my list.”

Anytune was also found to be useful as an aid for piano teacher Leila Viss of She writes “This app will be invaluable to me as a pianist and a teacher of those who enjoy playing pop music. Many times sheet music is not available or the arrangement is not as close to the original as a pianist would like. This app slows down any tune in your iTunes library-just one of the many favorite features of this app.”

Band teacher Paul Shimmons found a rather unique use for Anytune during his review on his blog “iPad and Technology in Music Education.” Paul believes that Anytune will be a great tool for marching band practice: “Touch a Mark and the song jumps to that spot in the song. Marching season just got a lot better! Now we can rehearse any given section of a song as many times as we want. The 16 count drill at Measure 30 need more work? No problem, open AnyTune, tap the Meas. 30 mark, set the loop points and 10 seconds later you are running that drill music for the band to practice marching to!”

Musicians agree with the reviewers, and have at times pushed Anytune into the top 10 Grossing iPad Music Apps in 24 countries.

“We spent over 6 months rebuilding and redesigning Anytune to best meet the needs and requests of our customers.” said co-founder and CTO Sean Kormilo. “We’ve been absolutely thrilled with both the critical reception and customer reception to Anytune Pro HQ 3.”

The team continues to innovate and improve Anytune. The recently released 3.0.1 update to Anytune includes some features to further help bass players learn their parts, and also simplifies the process of saving loops.

About Anystone Technologies

Anystone Technologies Inc. was founded in 2010 by Tony Wacheski and Sean Kormilo who collectively represent 30 years of telecommunications product development experience. Anystone Technologies created Anytune to enhance the music learning experience by leveraging the latest tablet and smartphone technology. Through listening intensely to customer feedback since it’s introduction, Anytune is consistently ranked as the highest-rated music practice app by it’s customers. Copyright (C) 2011 Anystone Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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