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Happy 50th Anniversary!

I use Anytune in my studio all the time and find it very easy. I have the basic app and don’t use the advanced features, but I do recommend it to all my students.
– Pat D’Ercole, Violin Teacher, Director Aber Suzuki Center

Many of Anytune’s features were designed to help the learning process between teacher and students. Use Anytune to:

  • break down the song into sections to work on one at a time
  • record an accompaniment so the student can play along at different tempos
  • change the pitch of a song to match the tuning of an instrument or range of a student’s voice
  • record a student’s performance to listen to every nuance and correct mistakes before they are ingrained
  • use loops and the Step-It-Up Loop Trainer to practice those really hard parts
  • share timed-comments that are tagged to specific note in student’s performance
  • export several versions of a song at different tempos
  • the list goes on and on, ….

Adding Anytune into the classroom will make learning music more fun and produce happier students. Anytune’s basic features are available for FREE.

Slow down music, choose the perfect pitch and learn to play by ear!

We hope you find Anytune useful. If you like Anytune please tell your your friends. Your tweets, posts and shared videos will allow us to continue to help musical artists everywhere.

Unlock Anytune features for free now:
1 – Download Anytune FREE from App Store to your iPhone or iPad.
      Tap Download on the App Store button.
Download Anytune FREE from App Store
2 – Unlock features with your SUZUKI2017 code.
      Follow the Unlock Instructions.
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