We hope Anytune helps you reach your musical potential. If you have questions or are having problems we are here to help. Here are some of the ways to learn about getting the most out of Anytune.

We are busy improving our documentation and adding more videos.
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Getting Started Videos and Tutorials

Anytune for Mac IconAnytune Mac

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Anytune for iOS IconAnytune iPad/iPhone/iPod

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User Guides

Anytune for Mac IconAnytune Mac

Coming soon.

Anytune for iOS IconAnytune iPad/iPhone/iPod version 3.0

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The current iOS User Guide is out of date, and the Mac User Guide is a work in progress. We know in-app help bubbles and tool-tips are not enough and are working on creating User Guides worthy of Anytune.

Forums and FAQs

Join us in Anytune's Forums to ask a question, look for an answer or sure something cool.

See Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions.


If you are having as issue please try these trouble shooting steps.

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If you have a problem, question or suggestion about Anytune please contact us! We are always happy to hear from you.