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Promusic Apps says Anytune is a Music Slow-Downer on Steriods


"Anytune has a fantastic user interface that just makes the whole experience easier and more flexible than other apps, plus the added smaller features really make it such a complete package."

Piano Teacher Uses Anytune to Teach Students to Play Piano

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"This app will be invaluable to me as a pianist and a teacher of those who enjoy playing pop music ... This app slows down any tune in your iTunes library"
Leila J Viss, 88 Piano Keys
Meu iPad

Anytune Pro HQ Music Slow Downer Receives 10 Stars in Brazil


“With Anytune Pro HQ you can learn to play any song. It reduces the speed of the music and lets you play with every piece of music in an easy and simple way. A very complete app for the players on duty.”
Pad Gadget - Apps For Music Junkies

PadGadget – Apps for Music Junkies

"Anytune makes it easy to slow down the tempo, adjust the pitch, and repeat loops for your favorite songs –all things that could also be helpful to learn a new dance, transcribe text or even learn a foreign language."

Best new iPhone music apps: July 2011

Anytune was included in Product Reviews’ “Best new iPhone music apps in July 2011.
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Anytune […]